Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Taking it easy

I have been taking it easy since my marathon a week and half ago, no running at all from Sunday until Saturday. Saturday we ran a little over 5 miles, very slow and even walked quiet a bit. On Sunday lots of walking and shopping. Tonight I will hit the track. So far on schedule is Run thru the Woods 5 mile on Thursday, Conroy Turkey Trot 5k on Friday and then 9-10 miles over the weekend. Sunmart on December 6th. Thursday after Run thru the Woods my husband and I will head to mom's for way to much food. Hope everybody has a great Turkey Day!

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Viv said...

You were at the track? I was there too but it was so dayum dark I cound not see my own feet. Anywhoo, I hope to see you Thursday. If we miss each other have a Happy Thanksgiving :-)