Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lack of Running

It seems that I have had a major lack of running since hurricane Ike. Yes that was August and I have no excuse but I have been having a hard time getting out there and running. I have been making it to track on Tuesday's and my long runs in the weekend but that is it. So not a whole lot to blog in the running department. Wed, Thur, Fri and Saturday no running. Friday was Halloween, went to a get together at a friends house for a few hours. That's me in the red race girl costume with some crazy ass thing walking the neighborhood. The lady in this costume was my height- don't know how see walked around with this gigantic thing on. Saturday morning Logan and I went to the Texas A&M/Colorado game. Game was awesome, TAMU won of coarse. Sunday met up with TWRC at Starbucks for a long but tapered run. Fast Robin and I ran 11 miles. we took it slow and stopped to wait for a few other that we got separated from but could never find them. We went back to Starbucks had a coffee and waited there. Sunday afternoon I started my Christmas shopping. Monday a couch potato again. Tonight track. Plan's to run Thursday before the 4th anniversary party at Luke's in The Woodlands. 12 days until my first full marathon.. Whew Hoo!


Adrienne said...

Gig 'em and good luck on the marathon!

Viv said...

You look supah cute! That huge thing is just freaky to me.

I heard that TAMU game was a good one, glad you had fun.

I missed you at track last night I did the am track.