Monday, August 4, 2008

Not so good on Saturday

Saturday morning up at 5am to get ready for WF long run. The run was 9.5 miles and it was very hot. I had not felt very good on Friday and Saturday morning when I woke up but I thought it would pass as I hit the pavement. I was very wrong, my run was awful, I felt sick for most of the run and had to walk a couple miles of and on. I made several deals with myself that if I ran for 1/2 a mile I would reward myself with a one minute walk. Even this was a difficult task at times. When I got home I soaked in a cool bath and laid down for a hour before leaving to drive 2.5 hours to Logan's family reunion. It was great to see the family but I had to work at a half decent attitude. We got home around 10:30 and I went to bed. Normally I have to fight getting out of bed before 8am but I slept until after 10:00 on Sunday morning. I left the house about 10:30 to run errands and was back home and in my recliner by 1:00 and did not move much the rest of the day. I guess Saturday got me more than I thought.

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