Monday, August 11, 2008

Great Weekend

Saturday morning up at 5am to get ready for WF long run. Arrived at the Y around 5:35 and visited and stretched for a while. Bill announced a tail gate party for Karen's birthday and we all sang to her. Then it was off on our 12.5 journey. It was hot and humid and with the thoughts of my horrible run last weekend still fresh in my mind I decided I was taking it very slow. I did in fact my average pace after the run was over 12 mins, but when I was done I was able to enjoy breakfast with Debbie, Bill, Susan, Julie, Jon and Waverly at Skeeters. I went home and showered and took a nap to get ready for Kid Rock. We met up with friends around 4 for a few drinks before we headed to the concert. Concert was a blast Lynard Skynard and Kid Rock you can not beat that.

Sunday slept in finally and the later in the after noon we fried some fish. The end to a great weekend.

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