Thursday, August 7, 2008

Quick Update

So I took a couple of days off from running after my run on Saturday. I had every intention of running on Monday in the am but a few of the girls bowed out in case of the rain so I slept in myself with the thought that I would meet them in pm, but about 4 o'clock my company announced that we would be closed because of the storm that had its eye on us. Well that was a complete kitchen pass to have dinner and margarita's with my husband instead. Tuesday the storm came in and I think we had about 1/2" of rain total at the house, but it was the perfect weather to get my house in order and take a well deserved nap. Wednesday evening I met Bill, George and Althea at the track and ran a little bit. 1 mile warm-up and 4 x 300's. This was more of a social event but at least I got out there and got in a little bit of speed work. Oh I need to mention that I was desperately trying to keep up with Althea and her 7:40 pace.. Thursday morning up at 5am to meet up with Robin, Najat, Julie, Kathleen and Lauren for the Panther Creek loop from Town Green Park with an added short stroll down the waterway for a total of 5.05 miles. It was really creepy running on the path with not much light- I kept thinking I or somebody else would fall. Luckily we made it through the dark with no injuries- no I waited until it was light outside and I after I put my light away to take my spill. Thank god for no twists or breaks only some skin that is no longer there. I think it was more entertaining than anything.

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