Monday, August 25, 2008

Saturday morning run

Saturday morning run up at 4:45am to get a quick bit to eat and get ready for WF long run. I tried to take the advice from last weekends seminar and get up earlier to fuel my body. I did manage to get up earlier but not as early as recommended. I ate part of a granola bar and drank about 12 oz of Gatorade. It was on schedule for 11.5 which was a nice taper from the week before. We started out and one of my runner girls was having a little bit of a bad run so we opted to run 8 instead. It was a nice easy run and I really enjoyed knocking out some of the miles. I felt really strong after the run. Sunday I went over to a friends house for some girly time and a Southern Living party. Great weekend.

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Viv said...

i love me those taper weeks. The harcores are always like tapers are so hard, blah blah..Not me, bring on the taper. LOL!