Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday July 25- August 1

On Friday morning I got up and went for a run on the beach. The run was fabulous it was about 68 degrees with the sun on my face, the breeze on my back and the waves crashing on the shoreline. After the run my brother, Logan and I went on to Huntington Beach for the US Open Surf Contest. This not only included surfing but skate boarding and bmx on/in the deepest wooden pool I have ever seen, and freestyle motocross on quarter pipe ramps.
Saturday morning we got up and drove to San Juan to catch the ferry to Catalina Island. This ferry was 2 levels and held about 400 people. Also went about 60 miles an hour. The plan was for us all to scuba dive for a few hours, which I ended up not completing. I had equipment problems and was fed up and tired and decided to abort my dive. After Logan and my bro and sister-in-law finished their dive we went to the Catalina Cantina for dinner and margarita's.

Sunday we went to Laguna for brunch and beach day. I do not have pictures from this day because I forgot the camera. Laguna was very pretty and a very ritzy city. We found a nice cove to hang out at to soak up the rays. And I had my one and only star siting.. Diane Keaton. A very beautiful woman I must say.
Later that night we drove back to LA and went to the House of Blues on Sunset to see my sister-in-laws brother play. He is the basest in a Rolling Stones cover band that is fabulous.
Monday was finally our rest day. We stayed in San Clemente all day relaxing on the beach.
Tuesday morning got up headed to airport took off for Houston... Missed earthquake in LA by approximately 10 mins.

Wendseday stayed home from work got sh*t done. As you can see I did not do alot of running in Cali, but I walked alot of hills.. many miles of them.

Thursday morning met up with the girls at 6am for 40 mins run.. 3.5 miles.

Friday up at 6am for Pilate's.

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Viv said...

Misty glad you made it back safely. The pictures look like an amazing time!!