Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday after the 4th

This morning I met the girls for our Monday morning run at 6am. Susan, Donna, Lauren, Najat, Julie and I ran 3.3 from Town Green Park. This morning was very humid and my legs did not want to work at all. The first half of the run was very difficult but when we made the turn my legs finally woke up and started to move. My 4th of July weekend was fun but quiet for the most part. My holiday started Wednesday about 3:30, my boss let us leave early for the holiday since we had Thursday and Friday off. So after work I met a few girlfriends for a cocktail after work.
Thursday morning I wanted to sleep in for a change so a few of the girls that were also off decided to meet for our run at 9am instead of 6am. Me, Susan, Kim and Julie met at Town Green Park and decided to run the Panther Creek loop. It was about 4.5 miles. I had decided I wanted a little bit longer run so I ran from my house to meet them and then ran home. So I got in about 6.7 or so. Thursday night we meet some friends for dinner.
Friday 7:30am Pilate's.. My husband and I took a ride on the bike to go have lunch. We rented a movie and then walked down the golf coarse and sat on the hill on 14 and watched the fireworks.
Saturday WF started at 6am so I was up at 5 to do all the usual things I do in the morning before a run. I arrived about 5:45 and we got started about 6:05 we ran 6.9 miles. When we got back WF winter program was kicking their season off. I hung around for a while to watch their orientation and then went home.
Sunday went to moms for lunch and home to be lazy.

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