Monday, July 14, 2008

One more week..

So a week from tomorrow I will be heading out to California for vacation. I am so stoked! My husband and I are going to visit my brother and sister-in-law that live in San Clemente CA. We are going to do a few tourist things like go to LA and San Diego. We will be taking a dive at Catalina Island as well. I will defiantly have a long post when we get back with some photos.

Saturday up at 5:15 for WF run. 7.25 miles great run avg pace 11:13. Meet a new W'fitter named Bonnie, she ran with me and come to find out before Saturday the furthest she had run was 4 miles. She will be a fast one. She is running the half in SA. There was a seminar after the run but I missed it cause beauty calls and I had to get my hair did before my trip.

Sunday rest day, Logan and I meet up with some family and took a 300 mile motorcycle ride.

Monday up at 5:30 met up with Donna, Susan, Najat and Julie for 3.5 miles.

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