Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tuesday Track

Track workout last night was hard, thank god for my running friends that get me through the hard workouts. I kind of laughed when Bill said you need to be easy tonight I want you to run 1 miles easy then run 2 harder and then 1 more easy. "WHAT"? So I ran the first easy about 12 min pace, 2nd was 10:27, 3rd was 9:52 and I walked the last 1/2 mile and then I was DUN! I chit chatted with Bill and the girls and then headed home for shower, crab cakes and bed.

We are still watching hurricane Ike that is threatening the Texas Coast, where will it hit? Mexico? Corpus Christi? Galveston? Lou/Texas boarder? Hopefully we will know soon, but it is kind of looking like it could interfere with my training this weekend no matter where it hits.


Running Knitter said...

Nice job on the track workout. Hopefully the storm won't affect you.

Bill D said...

I tend to say easy too often. It was a hard workout...just not intense like next weeks will be :)

No training Saturday due to Ike.

Be safe

Viv said...

Yea I think Kim also misuses this so called "easy" word..LMAO!