Monday, June 29, 2009

Costa Rica baby

In 25 hrs I will be boarding a plane to go to Costa Rica for a family vacation. Along in our travels will be mom, step daddy, my sis-in laws family (mom, dad, sister). I usually do not enjoy a "family" vacation but this time it is ok because we are all going to see my brother and sister in-law. We saw them for a few days at Christmas before they moved over there, but this time I get to spend a solid week hanging out with them. Yippy!

Last week was a very long week. My girl Pamela is not doing well, her cancer has become so aggressive and doctors can not do anything for her. She is at MD Anderson now and will probably not get to come home. We were hoping that she would qualify for a clinical trial, but infection has set in so at this time she is not a candidate. Doctors are treating her for pain and trying to keep her comfortable. I saw her and visited over the weekend and she was in pain but she was in good spirits- even a little bit bossy. I am praying she is still here when I come back from my vacation, so I can see her at least once again. I will miss her very much and will always cherish the 12yrs of friendship and memories. God bless the Amador and Clayton family.

Workout Update
Wed.- ran for 30 mins, core 30 min, swam 30 mins
Thur.- ran 40 mins on treadmill
Fri.- Day off
Sat.- 1 hour spin class
Sun.- 7.62 miles in heat/humidity

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