Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Pool Workout

Last night was my first swim class with Jordan. Jordan is a young 16 yr old that has been swimming "for 10yrs". I really did not think about the fact that a kid would be teaching me form technique in the pool, I am not sure why I didn't think of this but I did not. We started out with a floating device and our heads in the water and kicking. I was thinking to myself I did not sign up for the novice class why are we spending time on this? I am guessing it was a good thing because the guy in the class with me in a VERY novice swimmer. After we did a few drills so she could see where we were in our swimming we swam laps showing her our back stoke and freestyle. After swimming about 200 yards I realized that swimming is a lot of work, something I forgotten since I was a child. At the end of class Jordan informed us that she was going to be out for two weeks and her friend "Katie" would be our swim teacher, but it would be ok because Katie is really good with adults. I nearly pee'd the pool, are you kidding me?

30 mins in the pool- drills & 200yrds out of breath. But I hear this gets better.

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