Monday, June 8, 2009

Long Weekend

Wednesday I decided that I needed a rest day, so Logan and I went to eat dinner. On Thursday I meet Russell at the waterway and we ran our 5.1 mile loop of East Shores and the waterway. Since Friday was my furlough day I had a 3 day weekend. Friday morning I got up and headed to the gym for a cycling class I met Viv up there for 30 mins of core before the spin class. After my class I met with Robin and Kathleen for lunch. After lunch I ran errands for instance we had no groceries in the house so I stopped at the store. Then I went to Bike Lane and got me some shoes. When I was done with errands I went home and started laundry. Saturday back to the gym in the morning for another spin class. After lunch mom, Logan and I went to see my grandmother. We went to pick her up and drove around downtown for a few hours and then took her to Double Dave's for pizza. Sunday morning 9.25 miles.

Saturday I received a call that Pamela had been admitted to the hospital for with sever abdominal pain. After speaking to her I learned that the new chemo they were trying is not working, she has developed a new tumor on her colan that is 15cm. Her doctor is consulting with other doctors to see if they have a new avenue to approach. As of now they are stopping chemo and hoping that maybe they can do surgery. Of coarse surgery is a scary option because it could be much worse. Her length of stay in the hospital is unknown at this time. They are using morphine to treat her for pain at this time. Her blood pressure has been very low and the doctors say the cancer is causing her body to start shutting down. Not to mention they also have found a blood clot they are treating with medication. She is trying to stay optimistic but is very sad for her family and what they are going through. I spent some time with her yesterday and she is trying to remain in good spirits. She has had lots of family/friends that came into town or that have stopped in at the hospital to see her. Please keep my friend and her family in your prayers- they need a miracle.

Work outs:
Thursday- 5.1 mile run
Friday- core and spin
Saturday- spin
Sunday- 9.25 mile run

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