Monday, June 15, 2009

Tire Drama

Thursday I left work for my dentist appt and did not get far. I had a tire that separated at the tread. It was the weirdest thing, the tire was still round and still had air in it but no tread. I was very luck y that a nice man gave me a toe to Discount Tire for very cheap. After more drama with crossed lung nuts, I had not one but two shiny new tires on the Xterra. But that's not all, the car is still in the shop because the tread separation decided to take out some wire along with some of the plastic on my car. So I am having some electrical difficulties. Hopefully Ms Reliable will be back on the road asap. With all of this drama I ended up missing my Thursday night waterway 5 miler.

Friday night I had a vino/pedi night with Viv and a couple girls from the gym. After our pedi's we went and ate dinner and had a couple margarita's.

Saturday spin class and then to Logan's golf tournament. I love to watch my hubby play golf, he is my Tiger Woods and then some. He played great had lots of great drives, his short game was a little off, but he shot an 81. Saturday evening I spent the night with my best gal Pamela at the hospital,

Sunday I just barely made it from the hospital to see Logan finish the back nine of the final day of his golf tourny, better puts and he finished with at 75. After a long hot shower I was in bed and asleep in no time. So we will just say I gave myself a little bit of off time for the weekend.

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