Friday, July 10, 2009

Back from Vaca!

I am back from vacation but defiantly not back in the swing of things. As you all know it is difficult getting back to everyday normal life after a vacation. I am happy with the fact that I only had a 2 day work week to come back to, making things much easier. My training of coarse suffered a bit while in Costa but some fun exercising did exist. Now that I am back stateside I will ease back into the norm. We arrived late on Tuesday due to storms in Houston causing me to miss my track workout. Wednesday I managed to peel myself out of bed for a cycling class at the gym, in the evening I went to swim class and got in about 300 yds.

I will try to get photos of my Costa trip uploaded to share with you. This photo was taken outside the airport in Liberia. My brother, mom, ME, sis-in law and her little sister. More about the Costa Adventures to come this weekend.

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