Monday, April 12, 2010

Open Water

Saturday was an eventful day for me that started out with a 4.2 mile run and coffee from Starbuck's. My coach was putting on a transition clinic for new triathletes and since I am new to the sport it was most helpful, even though my bike is in the shop I was able to see what to do and what not to do. After the transition clinic we headed out to Lake Windcrest for an open water swim. Putting on my wet suit I started to freak out as I knew I was about to get in cold brown water and was going to swim. I picked my spot (a buoy) to turn around and got in the water, off coarse I had to pee as soon as I got in. As I started to swim my breathing was way off and I started to panic half way to the buoy, I started to tred water and then started to side stroke when coach G said to stop swimming and calm down. After I calmed down Gena and I swam to the buoy and took a break before returning to shore. Once we got to shore I tried to exit the water but was informed I would be doing the swim again. This time I took a deep breath and started to swim, I was able to keep my face in the water without feeling completely causterphobic and made it to the buoy and back for total swim of .82 miles. I hope that the fear of open water goes away sooner than later.

Hope to see you on the roads soon.

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Richard said...

Your first experience with open water swimming is not that unusual, and is even better than that of some I know. Congratulations on not letting your fear get the best of you and swimming nearly an Olympic tri swim distance in the process!