Friday, November 20, 2009


The holidays are finaly approching, the weather seems to be wanting to cool off a bit and after today I be on a weeks vacation. What more could a girl ask for? My brother and sister in law are going to be in town for a month after a 6 month journey to Central America and then they will head back to sunny California. I have lots to look forward to and to be Thankful for over the next month and a half. To start Thanksgiving day a 5 miler that I will get to enjoy and will not be racing this this year and then Thanksgiving dinner for with family. My anniversary on Dec 2nd that I will be unfortunatly spending alone this year because my hubby will be out of town- he will be making up for I AM QUITE CERTAIN OF THIS!!! On Dec 13 I will be running a half marathon in Dallas (WR) with some friends and hope to be bring home another PR. More family time through out the month and Christmas which I will have another week and a half of vacation. And finally into the New Year I will run Houston full marathon on January 17th.

My new job is going well I am learning new things. I am running 18 miles in the morning. My hubby and I are going to The Texas Reinacance festival on Sunday. Who knows what all I will get into next week- exciting for sure. Oh and from my last post I tried out the new wetsuit the other day and it fits great, easy to swim in and I love the fact that I float on top of the water- no more sinking when I get tired. Thank god for that!

Hope to see you on the roads soon and Happy holidays to all!


Mel-2nd Chances said...

a wetsuit really makes a difference! Enjoy your week off, and looking forward to seeing how the HM goes!

TX Runner Mom said...

Glad the wetsuit worked out well. I am asking Santa for one. ;-) Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!