Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A 25k

Sunday I ran my first 25K, not the furthest distance I have raced, but the first race that was 25k distance. It was 3 loops of 5.5 miles each. Thank god for my running partner Gena that carried me through the final loop. The weather was muggy/humid even warm at times, plus anytime I have to see the finish line more than once and pass it just plain sucks. Gena and I had a plan to run the first loop as warm up the second loop a little faster and to hang on to that pace through the 3 loop. First loop was great we stopped and drank water at each mile and held a good pace. 2nd loop we picked up the pace a bit and ran strong. By the third loop my IT band was bothering me so bad that I wanted to cry. Gena could feel huge blisters on the bottom of her foot. So we struggled bad, both of us took turns encouraging each other and reminding ourselves that it was the last loop and we had it in the bag. Unfortunately with our pain this was by far our slowest loop, but we finished in under 3 hours.. 2:48:33 chip time which we both had 2:47:40ish on our Garmin. We hung with other Team Strive members Mike Flake, Scott Meyer, Scott Farrand, Melissa Hammond, Donna Ryals and Blake Henning. When I got home I grab a bit to eat took a shower, got in my recliner and iced my knees and hips. Yesterday I was still in pain will walking but today I feel better. The race was fun but defiantly the worst race I have had yet (based on how I felt during/after the race).

Hope to see you on the roads soon!


Mel-2nd Chances said...

hope you're continuing to recover, but great job on 25k!! Such an odd distance!

Christina said...

Great job on the 25K. Pushing through and past the pain is heroic. I'm not sure if I could have done it. Great job!