Friday, November 13, 2009

New boss, no tme to blog

Everytime I think about blogging I am handed something else to do at work. Yes I blog at work because I am never home to blog from home. Work is going great it is nice to be busy and to have a job. Since my 25k I have gotten in some good workouts, Monday was a night off of coarse, Tuesday 4.15 miles at the track, Wednesday spin class (all pyramids) great workout. Yesterday I met up with Kathleen after almost 6 miles it was dark but we ran up the water way in the light and completed 8 miles. I am hating this warm weather we are going to have for the weekend. On Monday we are finally supposed to get a cold front. Let's hope so.

Hope to see you on the roads soon!


Mel-2nd Chances said...

lol, so funny that you're hoping for a cold front, and i'm hanging onto the latest warm front for dear life! Have a great weekend!

Diana said...

I gotta agree with Mel on this one. To hear someone and actually put it in writing that they are hoping for a cold front just cracks me up!
I am holding on to our indian summer up here for as long as it lasts! This won't be long!

Adrienne said...

I share your sentiments! How dare work get in the way of my ramblings about the sport we love! :-P

TX Runner Mom said...

Hey Misty! It was great to meet you at Viv's this weekend. I decided to catch up on my blog reading tonight. :-) Great job at the 25k! Oh, and I am also an at work blogger quite a bit!

Christina said...

I too have a hard time finding time to blog. We have software at work to block Blogger but I sometimes try and write something up, email it to myself and then post it at home. The good thing is we both have jobs and probably shouldn't be using work time to blog anyways. :)

Have a great day.

Mistyfied said...

I would probably feel the same way Mel and Diana but running in south Texas truely sucks about 9 monts out of the year because of the humidity. Many days after I run I feel like I jumped in the lake wirth my clothes on because they are so drentched from sweat. My favorite running temp is 40 degrees. Of coarse that is what we get when we get our cold front- nothing like what yall experiance.