Monday, April 4, 2011

Let the taper begin

At the end of the week I will another 70.3 behind me and yes this one will be an Mdot baby. This week calls for some very light workout which sounds great to me. Sunday was my last long brick with just under 47 miles on the bike and a 30 min run. This was not my best brick yet considering I have been having issues with my back and the head winds we rode back in. My run suffered but I got it done and now it is time to relax. Tonight I will get a massage and hope it helps the back issue. So this weeks workouts look like this. Monday- 2600 yds in the pool Tuesday- Pre race 400's (6) with an easy warm up and cool down Wednesday- 1600 yds in the pool Thursday- Brick 50mins on the bike and a 10 min run Friday- REST Saturday- pre race efforts swim 10 mins, bike 15 mins and run 5 mins Good luck to all racing. Hope to see you on the roads soon!


Richard said...

Good luck and have fun!!!

Diana said...

Best of luck Misty! Enjoy the day!