Monday, September 20, 2010

A very HILLY/LONG ride

Sunday was my longest ride ever. I chose to ride in the (62 mile) supported ride for the Lions club in Montgomery with several teammates some riding the 62 mile route and some the 100 in the beautiful hills through Dacus, Anderson, Richards and Montgomery. I decided to do this ride when Coach G sent us the link and suggested it would be part of the Iron Star 70.3 coarse I will be tackling on November 7th. I knew it would be a great idea to get a feel for the coarse and the hills since I normally ride on very flat terrain. Prior to this ride I had completed many rides ranging from 20-34 miles and one a week prior that was 42 miles. This being a big jump in mileage for me there was no time goal, just to enjoy the ride, study the hills and rest at the rest stops when needed. I stopped at 4 out of 6 rest stops topped off with water, got off the bike and sometimes ate an orange, the first 20 miles were a breeze as the mileage got higher so did the hills and the ride got harder. The first half of the ride I was able to maintain 17.3 mph but after about mile 30 the mph started to drop, the temp got warmer and hills got hillier. When I finished I finished I felt a little off but after a few minutes I felt like a human again. My Garmin and cateye were a little off from the others I rode with so we will go with the cateye results of 3hrs 41 min & 15.8mph avg speed. I realize that I need more hill training on the bike and that I probably need to try somethings out nutritionally before race day.

On another note WW started agreeing with me last week, after 4 weeks of up and down I had a good weight loss for a total of 17 lbs in 15 weeks.

Hope to see you on the roads soon!

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Diana said...

Nice job on the bike! I like to take those smuckers pb&j frozen sandwiches with on the really long bike rides. Put them in my bag frozen and by the time I'm ready to eat 'em....they're thawed just right!