Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Come back legs

Coming off the Lions club supported ride Sunday my legs are still a little fatigued. I had a decent swim Monday night, a little slower than normal but although I was tired I was able to get in 2000yds without to much trouble. Last night at the track was when I really felt the fatigue in my legs. I still pounded out 6 x 800 after a mile w/u 4:30, 4:31, 4:27, 4:29, 4:29 and 4:27 followed my a walking .5 mile c/d. Needles to say my Zoot Compression sock and the stick have been my best friend this week.

Hope to see you on the roads soon!


Richard said...

I know what you mean after doing nearly 60 miles on my own this past weekend (riding from The Woodlands to Montgomery and back). Trying to run last night, my legs were feeling just a bit off but OK. I thik those were still some great 800 times you posted.

Diana said...

I'm thinking I give those compression stockings a try-are they worth the cash? Are they used mostly "after" an event?

Mistyfied said...

Diana I use them after long rides and runs all the time. They do have soem that you can use during activity as well, but I just stick to recovery. I think they are every bit worth the money.