Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A week in training

My first week of tri-training ended and the second week started yesterday. It seems weird to me that I have only run about 10 miles since my marathon on the 17th of January. I know that sooner than later the mileage will pick back up and I will be having some 2-a day workouts.

Last Tuesday night I met up with some of my teammates for a 3.25 mile run at the waterway and then dinner at Barryhill. Wednesday 1 hour coached swim a 400 w/u, 3 broken 400's then a we were free to put on our fins and swim easy 25 hard 25. 50/50 and 75/75. After the 25/25 I had a horrible crap that forced me out of the water. So sadly I was only in the water for about 45 mins with an unfinished workout. Thursday night a 40 Min bike ride in doors on the trainer.
Friday a day off and loved it.

Saturday I ran Bill Crew Remission Run 5k where all proceeds are donated to MD Anderson Cancer Research. Placed 3rd in my age group(and there were 28 in that age group) a first for me. I ran this race in memory of my friend Pamela who lost her battle with cancer in August of this year. It was a very cold damp morning as I lined up with the almost 300 other runner and tried to stay warm. We were sent off by an 8 yr girl who is a lymphoma survivor, she said "GO". Most of the race was on pavement because we had a butt load of rain on Thursday and Friday but a short bit was on the grass in which I triped and fell down. I was hoping for a PR in this race and knew it could probably happen since I am a little bit faster than the last time I ran a 5k. I thought a lot of my friend during the race as she loved to run but could not from other conditions she had since childhood. After she got sick from cancer she loved to hear about my races, she thought it was amazing that I could run so far. I have been keeping her with me in all events since August 18th 2008. I know she was pushing me through the race, I finished with about a 5 min 5k PR of 27:35 so my hardware will go to her children.

Sunday was my first group training ride, it was still very cold. I rode for an hour, got in 15.9 miles.

Hope to see you on the roads soon.


Diana said...

Nice job on the run and nice to still have your friend in your thoughts and your heart!

TX Runner Mom said...

Way to go on the hardware and what a great way to honor your friend. Congrats!