Friday, February 5, 2010

Spinning at the gym

Last night I took a spin class at the new gym and it left me feeling a bit cheated in a workout. Not that I did not get anything out of it but I have not been to a spin class in months so I should have had my ass handed to me. I did manage to break a sweat but my legs were not burning when I left. I do not feel the normal soreness today that I am used to felling after a class with Viv or Kelli. I am missing my Pure fitness girls that yell at you for not working hard. This instructor gave the class "a break" in the middle of the class, what the *@#!? So I figure that something maybe was off last night and I will try a class again sometime in the future but I hope that is not the best they can do.

Hope to see you on the roads soon!

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TX Runner Mom said...

LOL, I also like to feel the burn in spin class or I feel like it was a waste.