Monday, May 19, 2008

May 12- May 18

Well another week that did not involve much running. I woke up sick on Monday stayed in bed all day. Managed to make it to work the rest of the week and then straight home to the comfort of my sheets. Friday morning got up and went to Pilate's had a good day at work and a quiet evening watching a movie with my husband (Rendition). Great movie! Saturday morning got up and went to Luke's and meet up with the beat program and ran 7.45 miles. It was a nice cool morning and considering I had been sick all week the run felt great. Got to see my girls Robin, Judi, Donna, Althea and Leslie. Jon Walk was there said hello to him. Afterward the Nike rep was there he showed some new shoes that will be coming out in July. After the Nike presentation, Bill Dwyer, Robin and I went to Starbucks and talked until 10:45. Wow how time flys.

Woodlands Fit fall program will be starting it a few weeks, I am looking forward to this year a few changes, this is the first year for the fall program. I am going to be am assistant coach working with Bill and Kim. I will be training for my first marathon in San Antonio. I am looking forward to this season.

I will be leaving on Thursday for a long weekend at the lake. When I get back the serious training will need to start. See you on the roads...

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